Oil Painting DVD


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live out of the U.S. can I stream the courses?

A: Yes

Q: do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes click here: Gift Certificates

Q: What are the ethics in terms of doing these paintings based on your teaching.  I want to do the right thing.  Do I sign my name to them? Sell them?

A: When I send you the photos of the setup I am granting you license to use my photo to produce the painting…this means you are completely free to sign your name and take complete and sole credit for the painting.

Q: What if I want to work at my own pace? What is the difference between the Beginners 10 wk and the regular 10 week still life?

A: You can work at your own pace and some artists are quicker and some take longer then the 10 weeks to finish…The difference between the beginners 10 week still life and the regular 10 week still life is really only that the setups are much less complicated…every bit as beautiful just less involved….each beginners setup will take about 4-5 hours painting time and on the regular class about 12-16 hours per painting. So if you are time challenged you may want to opt for that…either way I may make adjustments as you go through the course to give you lessons that I think will benefit you the most.

Q: What if I am happy with my painting do I have to send it in for a critique?

A: No, If you are happy then I am happy…the critiques are just to help you if you want them.

Q: What are the lessons in the 10 week programs like?

A. The lessons are usually demos …on the simpler paintings they will be complete demos with larger more complicated I will demo important parts of the painting…sometimes I will lecture about a concept and tie it in to the week’s painting and give ideas on what to do. Each lesson is  online so you can watch/pause them as you go.  Addresses and passwords will be emailed to you each week.

Q: I am very interested in your classes but I paint in acrylics. Would I be able to follow along as well or would you recommend something else?

A: About 99% of the concepts relate to painting in general and only about 1% are specific to oils. Really the only difference in oils and Acrylics is that of paint thickness and drying time…both of which can be modified to go either way. Oils can be made to dry quicker and acrylics can be thickened with gel medium. I am well versed in both…I painted in acrylic for 10 years before switching to oil (because I found oils to be more forgiving). This was a long way of telling you that I don’t think it matters if you paint in acrylics the information will be applicable to either medium.