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Once you sign up for the individual lesson you will receive by email Photos of a subject, not only a photo of a subject but close-ups of the important features of the still life. These photos will be ready to print either from your printer or from your local photo store or drug store. You also can work from your computer monitor if you prefer. This is so you can start right away.

– You will also receive a guide to each lesson (if not covered in video presentation) in your email with ideas and comment to concepts and strategies for the painting

– You will receive on-line Videos and DVDs for each lesson by mail( ranging from 1 -2 hours each) for each lesson. only $25 Each

Asian Vase with Berries How to Set up Great Still Lifes & Create Composite Paintings White Jasmine and Peach
2 hour demos multiple critiques, Handout video 1 hour 23 min lesson/Demo

Yellow Gerbera Daisy

Watermelon and Plums

Orange, Bowl and Grapes
  Extra 40 minute videos on Color mixing/matching Extra 55 minute video on Materials
Apples and Blossoms Fall Pear Pear Martini
  Extra 16 minute video starting techniques  
Learn to paint Daily Paintings I


Landscape, Color Mixing, Tips and tricks for working with photos, DRAWING for painters, clean color every time, single lessons for portrait, Marketing.

Love to hear your ideas for lessons… email me:


Learn to paint Daily Paintings II