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Fix Amateurish Painting Course

10 DVD 10 Painting Course

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by Daniel

Every DVD Demo is brushstroke by
brushstroke, Start to Finish, nothing left out. 10 DVDs 10 Paintings.

Course includes 10 optional video critiques
by Daniel Edmondson (must be used within 12 months of purchase)


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Watch a short preview of lesson 1

actual online version and DVD version larger and higher quality

 Prefer Landscapes? Click Here for
Landscape 10
DVD 10 Painting course:

Landscape oil painting DVDs

How we do the course:

Once you grab the course,
we will send you an email of the photos of the still life set ups, as well as
close ups of the important features of the still lifes. These photos will
be ready to print from your printer or you can print them at a local photo
or drug store. You can also work from your computer monitor if you’d like (that
is what I usually do),  You can begin your first painting now today…Dan

Brushstrokes, Styles of painting, color mixing made easy, Composition,
setting up your art space/Studio, Alla prima wet into wet techniques,
Layering techniques, Toning and priming canvas or boards, How to know when
a painting is finished, how to price your work, making things turn and
look dimensional how to pick subjects to paint, how to get over blank
canvas paralysis and start painting, what colors and tools to use, mediums
and thinners, how to use acrylics, palettes, other materials, canvas and
panels when to use which, clean up after painting, different types of
brushes and what they do, photographing your art, scumbling, thick paint
(impasto) vs. thin, how to loosen up, your process and rituals, light and
shadow painting, loose painting and impressionism, painting texture,
highlights and accents, ellipses, eye path and movement, color charts, hue
and saturation of color, how to work from photos, finishing and
varnishing, perspective when is it important and when can it be ignored,
focal points and center of interest and tension, starting methods,
massing, line drawing with paint, how to make things look brighter or more
colorful, cleaner richer, Much more…

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