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More about my online class:

I would like to tell you about a completely new and exciting oil painting instruction class I am going to have  It will be completely interactive as if you were in my studio painting along with me in a physical class – only the whole thing will be offered online.

This is how it will work:

you will be emailed some pictures every week as well as some links to videos that will explain exactly how to do the painting(see examples below).  I will talk about color mixing and all of that just as if I was doing a demo.  Any demo that I do, I will post on line so that everyone can see those too and I can keep you updated with emails.  It will be just like being here in my studio.  You can shoot a picture of your painting and send it in and I will make suggestions.  You will be able to ask questions just send them in I will check my email every 15 minutes – for example if you get stuck or want my opinion on how a lay out looks.  I might work on the painting in class and create an oil painting instruction demo that will be put online right away.  I will be giving more than what you would be getting in a normal class because you will be busy painting and all of the other things that happen with other students is usually missed so you will benefit from that as well.  Other students will ask questions and I will answer for everyone’s benefit and put it all online.

To reiterate, every week I will post a picture and then I will post some videos on how I would do it and then later I will post videos on common problems that people might experience and how to solve the problems.  I will share the best approach in terms of size, color mixing….everything.  It will be great.  I am going to put up a sample so you can see how it works.  Every week there will be a different set up.  Who knows, maybe I’ll work in a landscape just for fun one week a month. You will find that works well because it has been my experience that most artists do not do a painting every week because they don’t have the time.  So, they make work on a painting for 2, maybe 3 weeks and then start another one.  And, you will find that you may have some set ups that you really have an affinity for and others that you really don’t care that much about.  So, of course your desire is to paint the ones that you like.  The secret is to have fun.  Don’t try to “do it all”.  Of course, you can certainly paint every set up every week but it is also okay to take one painting and make it the best painting possible by taking your time.

If you have seen my 10 DVD set you will know everything you need to know to proceed forward with this class.  The set ups will generally be more complicated than the ones found in the oil painting instruction 10 DVD set.  If you take your time and send in your questions or if you get stuck send your picture in for critique and we will get through it together with the final result being a beautiful painting that you will be able to sell.  I want my students to profit from this class.

As a bonus, I am going to include my “PREMIUM Tip the Week”.  This is valued at $9.50 per month and you will receive it free monthly. I will have a website where everyone can post their work and make comments and ask questions if they would like.

This valuable online class will be only $79.00 per month.  This oil painting instruction will start in January and it is going to be on Tuesdays.  The class is designed to be 3 hours long although it will go for 6 hours giving you a choice of sessions – you can pick and choose which 3 hours session you want. You can even pick 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon…You choose however you want to do it. The class will run from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, Mountain Time.  (That would be 11:00 – 6:00 East coast and 8:00 – 3:00 West coast).

I think this will be fun oil painting instruction so give it a try! Click on the Oil Painting Class tab at the top