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Oil Painting DVD – Suggestions on supplies for oil painting – What a beginner needs and what you don’t.

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 Oil Painting DVD supplies and suggestions for artists and new painters


The student can bring pretty much what they are
used to using or utilize what is mentioned below.  I suggest bristle
filberts.  Filberts are kind of like using a flat and a round brush all in
one.  One will find they can get a lot of use out of them with out buying
a whole bunch of brushes.  You can later decide if using a flat or round
is more beneficial.  To start I suggest buying numbers 1, 3, 4, 6, 8,
10, and 12.  If you are on a budget it’s good to at least buy 3, 6, 10 or
12. Good brushes are Silver Grand Prix filberts # 1, 4, 6, 8, 12 and
Langenickle model 5510 # 12, 20,26 and model 5590 # 2,4,8,10, 24, 44 and model
#5000(or #5500) #0 or #0



The palette of paint I usually use consists of
Titanium white(Rembrandt) and/or cremnitz white(Winsor/Newton),  cad yellow lemon(Rembrandt), cad yellow
deep(Rembrandt), cad red medium(Utrecht), yellow ochre(Rembrandt), Tera
Rosa(Winsor/Newton), alizarin crimson(Utrecht), Permanent Rose(Winsor/Newton),  Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt), olive
green(Rembrandt), Winsor green(Winsor Newton) or phthalo green
(Rembrandt), ultramarine blue deep(Rembrandt),  Ivory
black(Rembrandt), Permanent violet medium(Rembrandt).


Canvas or painting surface

You can work on canvas or board.  Cotton
duct canvas is less expensive than linen canvas.   it is best to
coat it with 3 additional coats of gesso then lightly sand when dry to smooth
it out a bit.
 Another economical (and better) surface you can paint on
is hardboard (like Masonite). If you are planning to make your own it’s much
like how one would approach painting a wall.  I suggest using an acrylic
gesso or traditional gesso. Once you have picked the size of board you are
going to cover, apply three even uniform coats.  Allow each coat to dry
before moving forward.  It’s probably a good idea to several at one
setting.  Lastly, lightly sand the surface to a smooth finish then tone
using thinned raw umber oil paint and let dry for a couple of days.  For the class I would bring at least 3 or 4
canvases or panels (about 12×16, 14″x18″ or 16”x 20”) unless you
want to work larger or smaller. 


Other stuff

Viva Paper towels, 12×16 paper palette or
a 12×16 piece of glass (Preferred), Portable easel, notebook, small hand

Books/magazine clippings of artists you like, pencil or
charcoal, Q-tips, medium. Pizza box or similar for transporting your wet
painting. If oil painting:  you will need
odorless thinner for cleaning brushes at the end of the day (Turpenoid
is a the only one I allow in class but you really do not need type of thinner
when painting). Have fun and enjoy your Oil Painting DVD

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