Oil Painting DVD

Oil Painting DVD

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Oil Painting DVD

Learn to Paint Better & stop Amateurish Paintings

edmondsonpic Oil Painting DVDHi, I’m Daniel Edmondson

I studied art in college and took tons of classes and workshops over the years but I kept getting frustrated and was feeling like I wasn’t getting it and getting better as quickly as I wanted to. So I ended up developing a system on my own that really helped me learn to paint and get better with painting and get into galleries and win shows. I took this information in this system and created a teaching course that has been really valuable to thousands of people.

These are some of the many problems I had:

  • I was Seeing other people get better but feeling like I wasn’t getting it
  • Not mixing the colors I needed
  • The teachers kept talking but I never felt like they were really explaining it…it was just “Do this… Do that…”
  • The teachers were correcting my drawing problems but not really teaching me how to paint
  • not knowing when to stop and overworking and ruining a good painting

I finally figured out a good workable system and this is how I did it:


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10 DVDs 10 Paintings

Each DVD will take you from the start to finish of ten paintings that you can do at home. You can even begin your first painting today because each set of DVDs comes with an online version of the same content, so if you want to travel and paint but don’t want to cart around DVDs then you can look at everything online.

Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with lectures on theory or history or anything, I explain how and WHY to paint each painting as you paint the paintings along with me.

As a rare bonus, send me your painting and I’ll critique it and give you personalized tips. This is completely optional.

Imortant: Do not change your style: This course is to help you develop your own unique recognizable style not Force my style onto you

want to see more? Watch a short preview lesson NOW:


1 Oil Painting DVDLearn to Create Backgrounds

I’ll teach you how to paint one of the most elusive painting elements, the background and I’ll teach you how to paint a variety from smooth and quiet to varied and abstract. We’ll go over the differences and how to use backgrounds to create the most compelling painting for yourself. This is one of those big problems that more artist don’t realize in their work.

Learn How to Translate

I’ll teach you how to translate what you see me doing and what you’re doing instead of you just copying what I’m doing. This way you’ll be able to attribute these qualities to your own art. This is a big secret I’ve learned over the years. I’ll also show you how to keep painting simple and enjoyable from start to finish, so you won’t have to worry about staying motivated the whole time.

Easy to understand concepts you probably have not heard before

I’ve created this course in such a way where everyone should be able to use the concepts and understand them easily, plus most you’ve probably never heard before. I want you to get the information fresh and undiluted. I want you to have those rewarding “ah hah.” moments that we as artists find so motivating and rewarding. Even if you paint with no intention to sell, I want you to be able to break through frustrations and be able to say to yourself “wow I really did it, I’m an artist”.

Learn WHY

I also believe that in learning how to paint, and learning how to transfer what you’ve learned to your personal art requires someone who explains why. I explain why I do each step that I do and why its important for painting. This is important so that you can later paint on your own without guidance.

Click here to see myLandscape Painting DVDs

Why still life one of the best way to learn to paint?

4 Oil Painting DVDI believe that still life painting is a great place to start. It provides an opportunity for richness and a depth of color that isn’t often found in landscape or portrait painting. Since still lifes are typically quite small (about 2 feet deep) and have a lot of information conveyed, I think they teach best how to learn advancing and receding planes, which is what makes your painting look believable and dimensional. Learning how to paint advancing and receding planes in still life will be a huge benefit later when you want to paint a landscape and people.

Prefer Landscapes? Click Here for my Landscape 10 DVD 10 Painting course:Landscape oil painting DVDs

How we do the class:

Once you grab the course, I’ll send you an email of the photos of the still life set ups, as well as close ups of the important features of the still lifes. These photos will be ready to print from your printer or you can print them at a local photo or drug store. You can also work from your computer monitor if you’d like (that is what I usually do), You can begin your first painting now today.

Instruction and concepts on:

Brushstrokes, Styles of painting, color mixing made easy, Composition, setting up your art space/Studio, Alla prima wet into wet techniques, Layering techniques, Toning and priming canvas or boards, How to know when a painting is finished, how to price your work, making things turn and look dimensional how to pick subjects to paint, how to get over blank canvas paralysis and start painting, what colors and tools to use, mediums and thinners, how to use acrylics, palettes, other materials, canvas and panels when to use which, clean up after painting, different types of brushes and what they do, photographing your art, scumbling, thick paint (impasto) vs. thin, how to loosen up, your process and rituals, light and shadow painting, loose painting and impressionism, painting texture, highlights and accents, ellipses, eye path and movement, color charts, hue and saturation of color, how to work from photos, finishing and varnishing, perspective when is it important and when can it be ignored, focal points and center of interest and tension, starting methods, massing, line drawing with paint, how to make things look brighter or more colorful, cleaner richer, Much more…

Still have questions? e-mail Dan at


The course is completely self paced…you will get the DVDs in the mail usually within a week and I will email out the reference photos/videos weekly or every time you complete the previous lesson. For example I had one woman so excited about the course that she finished it in 4 weeks and a traveling business man who took 11 months to do it…most take a little longer than 10 weeks but you choose how fast you want to work.

note: People have reported

seeing an improvement in

their very first painting the

very first day.

78b Oil Painting DVD85b Oil Painting DVD84 Oil Painting DVD

pansyboats Oil Painting DVD88 Oil Painting DVD86 Oil Painting DVD

87 Oil Painting DVD89g Oil Painting DVDsetup Oil Painting DVD

90b Oil Painting DVD

The classes and paintings

Painting/DVD 1

Tools of the artist: Brushes / Paints / mediums / canvases / panels / varnishes / palettes / knifes / easels / lighting / more

Terminology, priming

Assignment: prime and prepare canvases / panels for the next few weeks.

Paint a simple still life oranges and grapes Demo

Painting/DVD 2

Different ways of starting a painting

Paint a simple still life: Leaves with Warm Pear

Painting/DVD 3

Color mixing made easy

Painting/DVD 4

Backgrounds: one of the hardest parts of painting…simplified

Painting/DVD 5

How to manage: Working from photos vs. Working from a computer monitor vs. Working from life

Clear glass

Painting/DVD 6

Working methods different approaches find what works the best for you

Painting/DVD 7

Leaves and Branches

Painting/DVD 8

Blossoms and Flowers

Painting/DVD 9

how to setup a good still life / composite paintings

Painting/DVD 10

Putting it all together: brighter brights, richer colors, clean color

Here is what you will get:
oil painting dvds Oil Painting DVD

10 DVD 10 Painting course and access to Online versions too. You Get all 10 DVDs at once

Bonus #1: 10 – Optional Painting critiques and Q&A by Daniel Edmondson

Bonus #2: Videos on how to price and sell your paintings online through eBay or a Blog and this is where Daniel Edmondson reveals his secrets on how he sold over 200 paintings online in less than a year

this offer expires after Dec 26th

bonus%203%20DVDs Oil Painting DVD

only 2 payments of $97(includes shipping to US and Canada)*

100 Oil Painting DVDbuynow2 97 Oil Painting DVDverification seal Oil Painting DVD

you will only be charged one payment of $97 now and one in 1 month.


save $2.05 withSingle payment option $179plus S/H of $12.95 (US and Canada)

GET bu Oil Painting DVD

*NO HASSLE 30 DAY GUARANTEE:Watch the first lesson and if not happy with the information provided just return the DVD within 30 days & the remaining unopened 9 DVD lessons for a full refund including shipping charges.

* International Shipping: there is an extra $10 US fee for overseas shipping: overseas orders click here

if you want to send a check or want a payment plan no problem just drop us an email.


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attn: Sales: Jerylynn Edmondson

(970) 980-3123 email: Edmondson Studio info@edmondsonstudio.com

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